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Workforce Photography


  • Tennessee Valley Authority Economic and Community Development


  • Designsensory


  • Photography
  • Photo Editing


  • Kelsey Kreiger
  • Jennie Andrews


  • 2020

ABOUT Tennessee Valley Authority

A photo overhaul of TVA’s largest utility clients in four different southeastern states, showcasing workforce and high-tech, state of the art equipment.

As an extension of our partnership with the state of Tennessee, TVA tasked us with capturing the workforce further out into the Tennessee Valley Region. Industry makes its home in the Southeast for many reasons—and this production of all kinds of goods and services is truly the heartbeat of our economy.

TVA’s mission with their clients throughout the region, is to provide incentives valuable enough to draw big industry, especially big international industry, into the Valley. This set of photos captures the grit and greatness of rocket building, wake boat designing, melting steel to temperatures hotter than lava, assembling freight trains, and so much more.