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Unspouse My House


  • Discovery


  • Preproduction
  • Production
  • Cinematography
  • Editing
  • Coloring
  • Sound Mixing


  • Bryan Allen
  • Ben Fields
  • Brent Collier
  • Cody Walters
  • Mike Dearing
  • Kristin Majni


  • 2019
Unspouse My House Promo
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ABOUT Unspouse My House

Sometimes you get really lucky with the brand for a project… sometimes you get really lucky with the location… and sometimes you get really lucky with the talent. Except in this case… where PopFizz got way lucky with all three!

Creativity took an absolute all time high in our production of this promotional ad for a new season of Unspouse My House, an HGTV broadcast series hosted by Orlando Soria. Our client team, our set design team, our scriptwriters, and our camera ops really came together on this shoot to make something special--in this beautiful home, with the amazing and fun Orlando, and with handmade equipment.

See that rolling shot with Orlando in the carpet? That’s a piece of PopFizz speciality equipment, build by hand by our crew--a wooden rolling cage for one of our cameras, which moved on a track and rolled with Orlando, as he rolled out of the carpet. We love taking on projects that require us to think outside the box; it’s one of our specialities!