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Ben Fields

Director of Photography

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If Ben were to choose someone to play him in real-life, it would have to be himself. That’s because no known human would be able to bring the special mix of talent, humor and good-looks to the part. Ben is also supremely convinced that, should there be a film based on his life, he would be the most appropriate choice to direct and lens it as well. 

It’s not because he would instinctively know how to give the best performance. He just knows how to compel the right performance out of people. A talent recognized year after year with bronze-level accolades from the Advertising Federation. And, one on full display in his podcast series, “South of Scruffy.”

As a creative his versatility, experience and artistry is merely above-average. His real superpower is his coolness factor. Ben is one cool cucumber. That, and he just gets it. A walking soundboard of film trivia and one-liners that belies a honed technique and deep technical savviness about how to bring a screenplay to life. He’s flexible and nimble, to which he credits to his physical therapist wife. He works to stretch the intentions of a script. When he does, he makes it better, funnier, or suck a lot less.   

He married up and, as the father of two girls, he’s aging, graying and outnumbered. But, if not for his female betters, his existence would be a close stand-in for Sasquatch meets Rip Van Winkle. Beer in one hand, camera in the other, foot tending to a fishing rod. 

Clients know he won’t put up much of a fight. He just naturally makes something exponentially better by bringing his effortless A-game every time. That’s why they love him long after wrap. 


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