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Brent Collier

Creative Director

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The passions we hold dear says a lot about who we are. To understand Brent Collier, the man, we must understand the things he spends himself on. They are, in no incriminating order: Ford Broncos. Telling stories. Kasey Collier, his super hot wife and his three rug-rats.

Climb in. Pop on some aviators. Turn on some tunes and go exploring. Should you get behind the wheel of a vintage, first-generation Ford Bronco and go for an adventure you will undoubtedly feel something special. Sure, it will get you where you want to go. But, it will also move you in ways you didn’t expect—and with a style and swagger unique to itself. It’s not the perfect transport and there are assuredly better options out there for off-roading, but that’s not the point. It transcends itself and delivers something rare today—a soulful, memorable experience. 

As a writer, editor and creative director, Brent’s approach to creativity and storytelling are rooted in this insight. While many professionals numbingly pour over the type of gear, the device settings or the latest and greatest technical option. He is deeply focused on how to make the audience feel something meaningful. At his command, is a master-of-all-trades skill-set nurtured from two decades of academic training, personal curiosity and professional exploration. 

If empathy had a mascot, it would be Brent Collier. He is purposeful in his intentions. He wants you to feel something. If it comes from his hand or his mind, trust us, you will know his impact. That’s why he’s here. That’s what he was born to do. That’s why stories choose Brent to be their caretaker. 

Did we mention, he likes Ford Broncos?


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