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Bryan Allen

Executive Producer, Director

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Bryan Allen is all about perspective. A unique sentiment frames his
work. A clarity of purpose. A man of contrasts: The mind of an
engineer meets the hand of an artist. His heart—a reflection of a
journey, marked by a spectrum of experiences that have shaped him over
the decades.

He’s played many roles. Worn many hats. Met lots of people. He’s been
exposed to the contours and contrasts of life. And, he’s collected
memories afforded to him by documenting humanity all across the globe.

A master photographer, producer and filmmaker, Bryan can see the
inherent narrative that surrounds people and things. He bends and
shapes light at will. Finds a new way to see something—or someone. He
contorts his body. Conjures a scene. Captures a moment and lets a
meaningful story fill in the blank.

When it comes to craft, Bryan believes that what you don’t know, can
help you. While many wear their film school or production pedigree on
their sleeve, BA embraces his “outlier” status like a badge of honor.

His creative upbringing wasn’t about conforming to rigid standards or
academic movements. He paid his dues and let his curiosity and
instincts run wild. He took on opportunities and then learned how to
do it. Took the hits. Relished the wins. Failed some. Innovated.
Learned more. Started again. Got the T-shirt. Washed. Rinse. Repeat.
You get the picture.

Bryan also has an edge that most people don’t. He learned about the
power of culture, cultivating talent and assembling teams in his 21
year stint holding leadership positions in corporate America.

This approach, something he characterizes as “setting a course and
getting out of the way,” serves him, our team and our clients well as
he guides the ethos, growth and wellbeing of PopFizz.

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