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Cody Walters

Director of Photography

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That the world gives rise to natural beauty and it nurtures people to worship that beauty. As someone who was born and raised in the foothills of southern Appalachia, Cody is a man of nature groomed to capture the beauty of nature. 

Every DP has their own eye, influenced by the way they see the world. His relationship with his surroundings has been nurtured ever since he can remember picking up a camera. That combination of technology and Tennessee beauty, taught him how to see. What things really look like, what they should look like and what they feel like they want to be. He listens to this inner voice. A conscience that guides how he approaches his craft and his life. He invests himself in his desire for something sublime, simple and natural. He is of-the-moment and in-the-moment.

To quote one of his idols, the renowned Roger Deakins, “people confuse ‘pretty’ with good cinematography.” What’s seemingly simple can be the hardest thing to achieve. It requires a sensitivity to many forces. A symmetry between science and art. Light and mood. Optics and options. Such is the alchemy behind capturing images that stir the mind and the heart. 

It takes patience and a willingness to combine technical precision with a creative vision. Something Cody has learned and honed over many years as a practitioner. He is restrained yet flexible so as to capture images that deliver a delightful balance between the authentic and the aesthetic. 

He is a shaman that brokers a spiritual bargain when the camera rolls. An agreement between the eternal and the material that bears witness to the powerful beauty that surround us. Cody helps us see what we need to see and discern what is truly there.

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