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Kristin Majni

Head of Production

"Well-Behaved Women Seldom Make History"
- Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

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Kristin is driven, competitive – and with board games, an admitted sore loser.

We see her as one of the most hardworking individuals you’ll ever meet—the pulse of PopFizz. She has a heart and passion for storytelling. Kristin thrives on creating content that evokes emotion and compels people to action. She’s worked with a wide variety of clients hometown to national and on everything from award-winning social series, nationally broadcast commercials, and televisions shows.

Kristin loves trail running with her dog, camping, fishing, snowboarding – let’s be honest, she is outdoors any chance she can be. Kristin and her husband love adventure and even went on a cross country roadtrip for their honeymoon to explore the country. The Visit Utah Mighty 5 Campaign is what sparked her interest nearly a decade ago in pursuing production, and she was able to explore Zion – everything really came full circle at that moment and she knew she was doing exactly what she was met to in life. 

“We take pride in being a morphing model of a production company, from working within the parameters of what works for our clients … to coming up with innovative ideas and breaking the mold. Everyone on our team specializes in something, but we are all swiss army knives and play different roles depending on the needs of our clients … having someone that will be a perfect fit for any project that comes our way.”

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